Wakanda is invisible to laser-guided imaging spectroscopy

The Aboriginal people of what’s now called Arnhem Land in Australia have been singing about Karrkanj, the bird who starts fires, for a long time. There are now professional ornithologists publishing about their observations of the Firehawks‘ practices. Welcome to another edition of “Indigenous peoples have known about the world for tens of thousands of years/we should listen to them, respect the lands they and we belong to, and give them their things” Daily.

Raptors featured in this conversation below. Gotta catch ’em all!

Brown falconBlack kite Whistling kite

I had two moments I wanted to blog about recently. Well, I want to blog about a lot of things, but some of it is TOP SECRET and although I’m shook, I don’t work at the White House or know Quincy Jones, so I can’t spill the tea just yet. So I guess it’s just queering Afrofuturism & decolonizing futurities, as usual.

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Technological Surprise

Academic Kindness rocks. I had an awesome experience teaching that I think really vindicates the openness that colleagues and artist friends have shown me. [ETA: I will be posting about Ursula K. Le Guin shortly. First, this.]

I’m teaching a Comics & Graphic Novels class right now–I talked about it at Temple in the Fall. We’re having a rad time, look at this!

OMG wait til I explain what this is!

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