Multimodal update

So many new things in the works! First off: video, then audio, then linkage…

My episode of Call & Response with Malik Isasis & Lina Cherfas is now available online. Watch this and other episodes!

The Sounding Out! 7th Anniversary Mix and Blog-in-Review is now available, too!

unnamed-fileSo what, then, is the “!” in Sounding Out!??

You already know what it is.

It’s a sound.

Sounding Out! is a peer reviewed, MLA-indexed online publication for research and commentary in sound studies. I hope to contribute again as they head into year eight.

Coming Soon: I’m working on a multimedia learning module/mobile installation (who I think I is?!) for The Big Read: Their Eyes Were Watching God, which will be coming to Drexel University thanks to my esteemed colleagues Rachel Wenrick and Kirsten Kashock securing an NEA grant. Stay tuned for updates, as this will be one of the first sound studies/digital humanities interventions I try out…

In 2016-17, it seems I’ll be embarking on the second wave of my book tour, Speculative Blackness II: Electric Boogaloo. I’ll be linking to past and current media & public appearances here in some sort of… archive? repertoire? Announcements forthcoming.

The Oscars of Comics

I could not be prouder to associate my work with Dr. Frances Gateward and John Jennings, whose edited collection The Blacker the Ink: Constructions of Blackness in Comics and Sequential Art, has just won the Eisner Award for Best Academic/Scholarly Work! Wow! The Eisner Awards are announced at Comic Con International: San Diego, aka San Diego Comic-Con.

This means there are people in the world who saw new movie trailers, met their comics industry creative heroes, dressed up like badass supervillains, and also found out about a book that includes something I wrote–all in the same place. Much better news than anything coming out of the Republican National Convention.