Ridiculous Thoughts

This serves as a statement of suspension of disbelief.

First, new writing that I’m excited about. I just published an essay in the African American Intellectual History Society blog series on Comics, Race, and Society: Crossover, Convergence, and the Cultural Politics of Black Comics. I found a use for the impressions of Miguel Covarrubias that have stayed with me since I wrote about salon culture in the Harlem Renaissance that ultimately shaped my views of Black imagery in visual culture and what it means for artists and intellectuals known for their politics to engage in image-making practices, more broadly.

I wanted to start with something positive, because this year has been… too much. As the year comes to a close, amid horror in Aleppo and a reprieve from pipeline construction at the Oceti Sakowin camp in the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, I wanted to do what I’ve metaphorically referred to as “counting your blessings.” Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not religious, but I use this phrase somewhat interchangeably with “taking stock” or “inventory,” in an other-than-material sense. Whatever your belief system or lack thereof, I’d advocate making a habit of taking stock of what’s generative, nourishing, and available to you at any given time as a way to handle the day-to-day stress of living in a world quite often inimical to your and my nurture. I suggested this to students at a campus event about dealing with microaggressions in professional environments, recently.

So, as a note toward a theory of practice, here are 7 things of which I’m taking stock right now.

(I don’t count individual persons in my life as “stock,” because that’s too much like slavery, but regarding my wonderful my partner is: I tend to think of #relationshipgoals in terms of Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra, and so far, we’re basically killing it.)

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