Greetings from Hoth! #mla17

The first big development of 2017 is the MLA conference which is taking place in Philadelphia. It’s excellent to attend a major conference without having to travel. However, this does entail regular turn-arounds in the neighborhood to walk the dog.

Actual photograph from Philadelphia.

The panel I participated in was Graphic Queer/Queer Graphics: Seriality and Sexuality in Graphic Form. It was organized by my esteemed colleague, Dr. Ramzi Fawaz, author of The New Mutants, one of the leading lights in queer & comics studies. I presided on the panel, giving me the honor of introducing these awesome scholars to our assembled peers. Something notable about our presentations: we all utilized the scholarship of José Esteban Muñoz, and several of us are fellow travelers of Queers & Comics.

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