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#IssaThrone & Other News

Greetings, true believers… in addition to getting HBO Now (worth it!) to catch this season of #DemThrones as it proceeds [SPOILERS below], I just returned from a much-needed vacay to 1) cuddle with the dog and 2) pick up where I left off in that wide world of sports we know as blackademic life. Some of it, I’m too excited to talk about. Other parts are share-worthy.

The freshest update I have to share is that the special issue of ASAP/Journal on Queer Form featuring an essay I wrote on “New Materialism & Black Form” is now live, online. Read all about it. Look at these relaxing photos from the magical mystery tour, while you’re at it…

A Venezuelan Troupial! I love Icterids!

The Motion of Light in Water, amirite?

More on this later, but the next big thing is this: the Call for Papers for Fans of Color/Fandoms of Color, a special issue of Transformative Works & Cultures guest edited by Abigail De Kosnik and yours truly.


In addition, all systems are go for Escape Velocity 2017, the STEAM education/entertainment con affiliated with the Museum of Science Fiction in Washington, DC! I’ll be presenting alongside the coolest of the cool… matter of fact, what’s cooler than cool?

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