It’s Central Time

I talked to Wisconsin Public Radio‘s afternoon show, Central Time, on August 2, 2016. This was a quick and fun conversation with the two hosts, Veronica Rueckert and Bob Ferrett.

The hosts asked about the broad issue of diversity in/and science fiction & fantasy. I was happy to oblige (of course!) by conveying my deep appreciation for authors of color working in the genre and expressing my sense, from my research, that we as people of color need to participate, on an equal and empowering basis, in shaping the imagination through media. Shoutouts to Fireside Fiction for bringing these issues into the headlines.

You can listen to my spot on WPR at the link above, or right here!

I name dropped N.K. Jemisin, Nichelle Nichols, Daniel José Older, and Helen Oyeyemi, because in my heart, I’m still a very well-credentialed fan.