More information than you require*

I’m excited to be coming off a short hiatus from the SPECULATIVE BLACKNESS #FORMATION BOOK TOUR PURPLE LEMONADE SPRING 2016 with a reading at Giovanni’s Room bookstore this Sunday! I will be the opener for the author who has put Philadelphia on the Afrofuturist map, in my opinion: Rasheeda Phillips.
But first, I will share some photos and updates from the meantime.

After an in-depth but intimate reading at the Penn Book Center, I had the pleasure of doing an interview with James Spadey for the Philadelphia Scoop.


This turned out to be an even more thoughtful and exploratory conversation than I’d expected, and it reminds me that Black media matters. We really do appreciate each other, despite what you may hear to the contrary. I’m looking forward to sharing the Scoop story here and elsewhere, so watch this space and check the Scoop website to read it. Hopefully you’ll also see the photos by Dave White in print!


More recently, it was an honor and a privilege to be featured in Shelf Life, a fortnightly (!) column in the UK’s Times Higher Education. THE, formerly known as the Times Higher Education Supplement, is widely known for its worldwide rankings of universities. I’m more excited about taking part in the vital work of talking about books, which I do in this interview in response to questions from Karen Shook. Shelf Life has previously focused on prominent scholars and authors like David Harvey, Sunil Khilnani, and Deborah Rhode, so I’m proud to be part of their effort to spotlight early career academics. And I hope this means something to Black British readers.

*title derived from John Hodgman, because who doesn’t love fake almanacs?