#BeyondNormal: The Fantasy Bodies of National Culture at NYU

12891787_10209358758034055_2471915035268239218_oThis event was wonderful! Thanks to the efforts of my colleague, friend, and erstwhile mentor Dr. Crystal Parikh and my friend, colleague, and science fiction  studies co-conspirator, Dr. Heather Masri! Seeing my book for sale alongside the superb scholarship of Ramzi (The New Mutants) & Julie (Chronic Youth) is surreal. Thanks to the good people at NYU Press for helping make that happen. It’s a hustle, but we academic writers got to stick together.






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Book tour!

Speculative Blackness is here, and soon, I will be, too! I’m embarking on a mini-book tour of the East Coast. Some appearances will be readings, and some will be part of other events. But the one thing you can count on is books! And me. Two things. Unless you buy more than one copy of the book. Count on it.

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