This is a quick update to share something important.

This photo by Jonathan Bachman for Reuters depicts one Black woman, wearing glasses and a flowing dress, standing with her arm extended to face two riot gear-armored police who are arresting her. The situation is a protest against police violence in Baton Rouge, LA. The officers arresting the subject in the foreground are backed up by dozens more armored police in the background, left. This demonstration follows police killings of Alton Sterling in that city and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, MN, as well as killings of police at the scene of a protest in Dallas, TX. Police in Dallas killed the alleged assassin on-site.
In recent days, Essence Bowman of Sulphur, LA, Stephanie Hicks of Alton, MO, and Dylan Noble of Fresno, CA have all died in police custody. It’s been a year since Sandra Bland died in a jail cell in Hempstead, TX, following a traffic stop and assault at the hands of police.

I shared @BFriedmanDC’s post of the photo on Twitter and added this caption: “They look so weak, and she looks so strong.” It’s been viewed 191,000 times in the past two days.