This is my part nobody else speak

Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Concepts, Models, and Experiments is a curated collection of reusable and remixable pedagogical artifacts for humanities scholars in development by the Modern Language Association. Each entry in the collection focuses on a keyword in the practice of digital pedagogy (ranging from “play” to “collaboration” to “design”), is curated by an experienced practitioner of digital pedagogy, and is supported by ten pedagogical artifacts, such as syllabi, prompts, exercises, lesson plans, Web sites, and student work drawn from courses, classrooms, and projects across the humanities.

Keyword: Futures. Like to hear it, here it go.

This isn’t finished, and it’s already overdue. Isn’t the future always like that? Contributing to this project is the first first thing like this I’ve ever done, and I’m increasingly mindful that it’s the first thing like this that anyone has ever done. But if and when it gets done, hopefully, it will be useful. For now, I’m just parking it here. That’s all the present really is, isn’t it? A parking space for the future. At least there’s a view.